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Shoe maker for three generations, we are from the beginning specialized in the shoe for sensitive feet. We only offer footwear for delicate, fragile or wide feet.

Footwear and footwear knowledge are for us true passions that are transmitted and valued over generations. It is with this family heritage and this empirical experience that we can claim to be specialists in footwear for sensitive feet.

Our expertise allows us to understand all the technical aspects of manufacturing and different foot morphologies in order to better refine the choice of our models to meet the requirements of our customers. Thanks to this wide selection of articles and footwear, our job is to listen to you to advise you and direct you to the right shoes with the trend and comfort you are looking for.

 Contrary to popular belief, the plantar pain and the problems to put on foot are not the privilege of the seniors but concern all the age groups. Our collections take into account fashion and trendy shoes or more classic, sports or dress, which are well made, respect your foot and correspond to your aesthetic wishes.




We offer different skin types, each with their own characteristics (softness, suppleness and resilience).

These are: selected veal, lamb, deer, kangaroo, kid and the inevitable peccary.


Depending on the model, you have a choice ranging from the 7th to the 12th width with half sizes.


We also have specially designed ranges for orthopedic insoles with removable insoles.


A lot of our items are on shock heels that eliminate the micro-trauma related to walking.